Are you about to have a new solid wood floor installed?  If so, it’s fair to ask your contractor/installer about cleats vs. staples.  In particular when installing exotic wood flooring, I recommend cleats for several reasons.  Directly related to exotic wood flooring, cleats help prevent snapping of the tongues on the flooring since these woods are so dense.  Additionally, Cleats do not secure the floor as rigidly as do staples.  Cleats allow for some small levels of movement which can be a positive when considering the facts of climate changes throughout the years seasons.  Cleats allow for some small measure of protection against gapping due to the fact they allow a bit more movement of the individual planks vs. staples.

If a tongue is snapped during installation, the floor will squeak until the tongue is completely snapped off.  Depending on foot traffic, this may take a bit of time.  Also, make sure the installer/s have calibrated their pneumatic tool for the species of wood they are installing.

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