How to Clean Your Brazilian Hardwood Floors

Hardwood Floor Cleaning & Maintenance

Maintaining your stewartfloor® prefinished hardwood flooring is easy. Simply sweep, vacuum, or use a dust mop. Clean as needed with a leading brand of cleaner and micro-fiber mop made specifically for polyurethane aluminum oxide prefinished hardwood floors. Stewartfloor®’s UV cured aluminum oxide finish provides excellent wear and stain resistance. Washing your floor with a compatible cleaner will keep your floor looking its best.

Once installed, your hardwood floor will need cleaning immediately, although periodic cleaning will be required to keep the finish and shine of your hardwood floor.

How to Clean Hardwood Floors Tips

  1. If you use a mop to remove stains on the floor, make sure it’s only damp rather than wet. Hardwood floors don’t like too much water or water-based cleaning solutions. While it’s ok to use water to clean wood floors, never let water remain on the floor in case it is absorbed by the wood. For a stubborn spot, we recommend using cleaner applied to a microfiber towel.
  2. Use a soft-bristled broom and a vacuum cleaner that won’t scratch your hardwood floors. It’s essential to keep dirt, pebbles and debris off the finish surface to avoid unnecessary scratching of the finish.
  3. To prevent scratches when moving furniture when cleaning hardwood floors, use felt pads on your furniture feet.
  4. Refer to your hardwood flooring manufacturer’s cleaning suggestions. The amount of cleaning required depends on the type of hardwood floor you have and the amount of foot traffic it regularly receives. For low foot traffic areas, you may only need to clean it twice a week. High traffic areas should be cleaned more often than that.

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