Amendoim / Brazilian Oak Hardwood Flooring

Amendoim, also referred to as Brazilian Oak, has a warm tan/brown-reddish tone. Choosing to install Amendoim hardwood for your floor will make it feel warm and inviting as the color will range anywhere from a pale tan-orangey-brown to a medium tan-brown with red highlights.  Homeowners and your guests will also notice its distinctive swirly grain and tight burls/knots
There are three main characteristics to consider when purchasing your hardwood flooring:
  • The Brazilian wood color.  How does it match up to your vision for the room?  Your floor becomes the canvas for its overall interior design.
  • Your lifestyle. While all woods dent and scratch from use, the superior density of Amendoim and other tropical hardwoods hold up better than common North American domestic woods like Oak and Maple.
  • The individual Brazilian hardwood species.  Beyond its color, each species offers its own unique overall look and characteristics. Not all species are created equally.

For use in residential homes or commercial businesses, Amendoim exudes elegance and sophistication that match your color palette, your lifestyle, and your desire for a beautiful, long-lasting hardwood floor.

Amendoim Hardwood Species Characteristics

Botanical Name: Peltogyne, spp

Flooring Name: Amendoim / Brazilian Oak

General Description: Amendoim hardwood offers a warm brown/tan reddish color with a distinctive swirly grain and tight burls, or knots.

Janka Hardness Chart: check Brazilian Oak’s hardness and durability rating.

Characteristics of Installed Amendoim Flooring

Color Range: Amendoim ranges from a pale tan orangey brown color to a medium tan brown color with red-toned highlights.

Color Change: Amendoim exhibits a medium degree of color change as this wood will over time become more uniform in its medium to dark tan with reddish highlights.

Where To Use: Brazilian Oak may be used as residential or commercial hardwood flooring wherever an elegant and sophisticated medium-toned burl look is desired.


Amendoim Flooring Pre-finished & Installed


Buying Amendoim / Brazilian Oak Hardwood Flooring

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