Brazilian Ash / Garapa

Brazilian Ash or Garapa, it’s common name, is a very fine grained species that is light yellow to a warm golden brown hue. It is about 25% harder than Red Oak with a Janka hardness of 1,700 and this makes it an excellent choice for wood flooring. Its unique grain characteristics offer an exceptionally sophisticated look. Brazilian Ash will darken with exposure to light and this will provide a foundation for an exceptional interior design.

Brazilian Ash Species Characteristics

Botanical Name: Apuleia leiocarpa

Common Name: Garapa or Grapia

Flooring Name: Brazilian Ash

Janka Hardness Chart: check Brazilian Ash’s hardness and durability rating.

Characteristics of Installed Brazilian Ash Flooring

Color Range: Brazilian Ash has a yellowish to golden brown hues when freshly sawn. The woodgrain offers a rare and very sophisticated “shimmer” quality found in very few flooring species similar to previous stones. This makes the grain appear to shift from dark to light coloring when viewed from different lighting angles.

Color Change: Brazilian Ash or Garapa will darken slightly upon exposure to natural light.

Stewartfloor is proud to feature this warm species exclusively in our Atelier finish. This is a European hardwax oil featuring easy care, spot repairability and providing for a look which is completely natural. A truly smart and cost effective investment.