Brazilian Cherry / Jatoba Hardwood Flooring

Brazilian Cherry, also known by the name Jatoba, is one of the hardest and most durable species making it a long-lasting foundation for any room. Installable in residential homes or commercial properties, this rich-reddish wood will add sophistication and class to any area. 

Your style and color palette of the area is one main consideration when deciding which species is right for you. Brazilian Cherry has a gorgeous golden luster and varies from yellow tones to pink/red to deeper red tones with occasional black streaks. Ranging from a salmon red to orange-brown, this flooring makes any room feel warm and inviting.

Botanical Name: Hymenaea courbaril

Flooring Name: Jatoba

Other Common Names: Cuapinol, Guapinol(Mexico), Guapinol(Central America), Locust, Kawanari(Guyana), Jatoba(Brazil)

General Hardwood Description: The heartwood is salmon red to orange-brown and can be marked with dark brown streaks. Jatoba exhibits a golden luster.

Distribution: Paraguay, Argentina, Brazil, Equador, Surinam, Mexico, Puerto Rico

Color Range: Brazilian Cherry / Jatoba varies from yellow tones to pink/reds to deeper red tones with occasional black streaks.

Color Change: Brazilian Cherry / Jatoba exhibits dramatic darkening. In direct sunlight this will occur in a matter of days, otherwise it will darken over the first 6 months. It is recommended to avoid area rugs until after this change has occurred.

Where To Use: Brazilian Cherry / Jatoba may be used residentially or commercially wherever an elegant and sophisticated red floor is desired. Its hardness makes it an exceptional hardwood species for flooring use.

Species Characteristics & Issues: Silica / White spots are naturally part of this timber. Although stewartfloor® grades the flooring twice, it is possible that some pieces could be missed. Please make sure you pay close attention to this as once installed it is not a case for a claim.

Janka Hardness Chart: check Brazilian Cherry’s hardness and durability rating.

Site Sanding/Wood Finishing: Water-based and oil-based hardwood finishes perform well. The silica spots mentioned above if installed and coated will form blotchy white spots which look like dried milk. The only way to avoid this is to not install these wood pieces in your floor.

Buying Brazilian Cherry / Jatoba Hardwood Flooring

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