Dark Colored Hardwood

Wanting to create a luxurious and flexible design foundation? Choosing a dark hardwood floor can be just the the thing to do! Traditional, transitional, modern and minimalist can all benefit from a dark wood floor. Most people who have dark hardwood flooring installed in their home will tell you they love the way it looks. Some may talk of the disadvantages of a dark hardwood floor, but don’t believe everything you hear. Dark floors can show more dust, dirt or animal hair for sure, but the gloss level will also emphasize or deemphasize this greatly. High gloss levels show much more wear and tear as well as dirt. Lower gloss levels hide wear and tear and dirt. Lower gloss levels and dark floors are an amazing match as they absorb light rather than reflect light.

Modern finishes are so advanced and also our Atelier finish which is a European hardwax oil would be an excellent option and would accentuate the depth and the richness of the dark shades. European hardwax oil is the choice of famous high traffic locations such as the Musee d’Orsay and Hermitage museums.

Picking a species of wood which is naturally dark is a key point. Staining a Maple floor with a dark stain has obvious disadvantages. Not all species of wood take stain well and when the floor scratches, you will have two colors showing. Natural wood will always offer more depth than a stain can offer you and this adds to the sophistication of the overall installation.

So a dark hardwood floor may require more frequent sweeping or vacuuming, but how many hardwood floors does a person buy in a lifetime? Make the smart investment for your money and choose the floor you really want!

Excellent choices of dark hardwood floors available from stewartfloor include Sucupira, commonly referred to as Tiete Chestnut, Kurupay, commonly referred to as Patagonian Rosewood, Tigerwood and Ipe, commonly referred to as Brazilian Walnut.