Environmental Pledge

Stewartfloor® purchases hardwood flooring only from manufacturers who work within and follow the environmental and forestry laws of their government as well as The Lacey Act of the United States. We purchase from suppliers who legally obtain wood and have all necessary legal documentation to prove it. We do not practice a policy of purchasing from the least expensive manufacturers as this can lead to potential compromises in legal and ethical raw material procurement. Illegally harvested wood can be less expensive due to avoidance of legal procedures. Unlawful and unethical practices are not acceptable to stewartfloor®.

Public awareness about environmental issues is very much in the public domain today. Wood flooring is the only flooring option available that is completely sustainable. Furthermore, hardwood flooring also has the least impact on our environment. Wood is carbon neutral, uses fewer fossil fuels in its production, has less water consumption in its production, and has the longest service life of all flooring options. Need scientific evidence? Take a look at the NWFA Industry Research Foundations Life Cycle Analysis for Solid Hardwood Flooring conducted by the University of Wisconsin. The study analyzes the environmental impact of wood flooring and several other flooring options. Each flooring type is compared for harmful air emissions, water consumption, total primary energy consumption and product life expectancy. To see the full report and the supplemental analysis, visit www.nwfa.org.