Exotic Hardwood Flooring

Any stewartfloor® wood flooring can give your home an exotic, yet classically modern® look. We offer a variety of exotic hardwood flooring, including species like elegant, warm Brazilian Teak, distinctively-striped Brazilian Tigerwood, and palette rich Patagonian Rosewood. We directly import our exotic hardwood flooring from the following three countries:

Where We Get Our Exotic Hardwood Flooring


Brazil is the largest country in South America, spanning nearly half of the continent. Only slightly smaller in area than the United States, it is the fifth largest country in the world. Brazil also has diverse ecosystems that range from low-vegetation areas to the enormous section of the Amazon rainforest covering the northern part of the country. The varied climates and geographical landscapes provide an array of resources, and Brazil’s economy surpasses all other South American countries.

The exotic species we’ve imported from Brazil include:


Located in central South America, landlocked Paraguay is slightly smaller in size than California. Paraguay receives substantial rainfall in eastern regions, while the western areas tend to be drier, with less vegetation. Some of Paraguay’s natural resources include timber, iron ore, and limestone, and its economy depends on agricultural activity industries for success. The people of Paraguay also rely on agriculture and mining for life and livelihood, and more than 250,000 families—or one quarter of the population—depend on the farming industry.

The exotic species we’ve imported from Paraguay include:


Peru lies along the coast of the South Pacific Ocean in western South America. It is the third largest country in South America, after Brazil and Argentina. Peru is ranked twentieth in the world in total area, and is similar in size to Alaska. Like many other South American countries, Peru’s climate can range from tropical to dry, and the geographic landscape includes both deserts and lowland jungle of the Amazon basin. In fact, the Amazon rainforest covers nearly half of the country, although Peru is also known for the towering Andes mountain range that lies in its central region. In the Andes, an extensive selection of mineral resources can be found, including many precious metals.

The exotic species we’ve imported from Peru include:


In order to protect your exotic hardwood flooring, all of our wood floors receive multiple coats or finish produced by world-renowned European companies. Our premium finishes and coatings come from European manufacturers TREFFERT, KLUMMP, and Bona.



TREFFERT Coatings, a German company, was founded in 1937, headquartered near Frankfurt. TREFFERT Coatings has an established history and presence in the development, manufacture, sales and servicing of industrial wood coatings and is currently one of the leading European manufacturers of industrial wood coatings. To better serve the North American market, TREFFERT Coatings US, Inc. was established in 2007 in Charlotte, N.C.  With advanced prototypes and cutting-edge testing technology, TREFFERT Coatings US, Inc. provides the same high quality from a more convenient location. Their wide selection of finishes and coatings both enhance and protect the beauty of wood, allowing maximum protection against continuous wear and tear. Additionally, the acrylated UV-coatings comply with the most stringent surface norms, are ecologically safe and non-toxic, and are extremely easy to repair and maintain.


Founded in 1919, KLUMMP Coatings is a family-run company headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany. KLUMMP Coatings manufactures high-quality, sophisticated wood coating systems for the furniture, paneling and flooring industries.  Several leading technologies and innovations in coatings and finishes were invented by KLUMMP, including the Hydro UV Primer and Anti-scratch UV finishing.  KLUMMP’s development team continues to provide companies around the world with superior products and technology that pass the highest industrial and environmental standards.



Bona was established in 1919 in Malmö, Sweden, and provides high-quality, durable, and sustainable finishing and coating products.  Combining commitment to both research and development, Bona is among the leaders driving the hardwood flooring industry’s progress, and the company is dedicated to continually providing better products with less environmental impact. Bona has provided many breakthrough innovations, like waterborne finishes and dust-free sanding. Today, Bona provides a full range of environmentally sound products for finishing and maintaining wooden floors. Their products protect and perfect, preserving a wooden floor’s beauty for its lifetime.