Modern floor finishes have changed today’s wood flooring market dramatically, both visually & ease of care. Flooring finishes are available in various levels of gloss and we focus on lower gloss levels.

Our first option is the most common and in demand surface finish, a closed pore smooth finish.  Our version of this type of finish has less texture on the surface than other brands of flooring.  The aluminum oxide is in several layers of this built finish to ensure the durability and increase the longevity of this finish. Aluminum oxide helps to increase the abrasion resistance of the floors' finish providing easy care and long-term value.

Our second option is Atelier, an open pore finish and the ideal blend of ease of use and naturalness. Atelier takes the best elements of our standard finish and combines them with the sensory experience of an oil finish, allowing the natural grain of the wood to be experienced. This is the most natural appearing finish as the wood doesn’t appear to have any finish on it at all, and represents the most natural expression of our exquisite species.  Because of the super-matte appearance, the finish absorbs the light rather than reflecting it like a higher gloss finish, and assures the floor is the perfect canvas for your interior design.  The open pore effect appears to be slightly brushed.  Atelier will also show even less wear over time while providing the same low level of maintenance as our standard finish.  Atelier represents a passion for authenticity.