Lacey Act Compliance

Stewartfloor® Calls on US Hardwood Flooring Industry to Comply with Lacey Act

Brazilian Hardwood Flooring Importer Urges Industry to Voluntarily Improve Environmental and Ethical Standards

The tropical hardwood flooring industry often receives bad publicity related to environmental issues. For some companies, this negative publicity is often warranted due to their sub-standard business practices and disregard for the environment in order to obtain less expensive wood. However, one Chicago-based Brazilian hardwood importer, stewartfloor®, is determined to change an industry reputation tarnished by unethical importers.

Environmentally Friendly Brazilian Hardwood Flooring Importing
Stewartfloor® has always been a champion of environmentally friendly practices. The Brazilian hardwood importer only does business with manufacturers who strictly adhere to government regulations and the Lacey Act. Because all the hardwood the company sells is directly imported, they have a customs bond and must declare botanical data and content origin. Every stewartfloor® hardwood supplier has the legal documentation to prove the origin of the wood.

Now, tired of having to defend an industry besmirched by unscrupulous practices of some, stewartfloor® is calling upon hardwood importers to improve environmental standards. The Chicago hardwood flooring importer hopes to encourage other companies to adhere to each South American country’s local governmental, environmental, and forestry regulations as well as the Lacey Act.

Reforestation Programs in South America

Said President Sean K. Stewart, “Our goal is to standardize eco-friendly harvesting and importing for a hardwood flooring product with inherent environmental benefits.  We are proud of our associations with quality enterprises in South America.  One such partner in Paraguay has implemented a seedling replanting program to offset their harvesting.”

Hardwood: The Pinnacle of Sustainable Flooring
Despite the sub-standard practices of some that plague the hardwood importing industry, it is imperative to acknowledge the eco-friendly nature of wood flooring, whether domestic or imported. Wood flooring is the only completely sustainable flooring option and has the least impact on our environment.  Wood is carbon neutral, uses fewer fossil fuels in its production, consumes less water in its production, and has the longest service life of all flooring options available today.

About the Lacey Act
The Lacey Act, protects our world’s forests, protects buyers who practice due diligence when importing wood from outside the United States, and eliminates the influx of low-cost, low-quality wood flooring produced from illegally harvested wood. The penalties for noncompliance are severe and can include the forfeiture of the material, $500,000 fines, and five years jail time.

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