Light Colored Hardwood

Light colored hardwood floors provide a timeless welcome to your interior. Light colored hardwood floors embrace traditional interiors as well as modern or minimalist interiors . Lighter colors will create volume and space and are an excellent choice as well for interiors with lower ceilings. Lighter colors show less dust and dirt. Depending on your design direction, keep in mind that the grade of flooring will make a stronger impact with light colored woods, for example, a light colored wood with knots will create a country or rustic visual.

When choosing the option right for you, consider whether the color is achieved naturally or with a stain. If it is a stain, it’s important to know what process was used. Stained floors with aluminum oxide finishes are more susceptible to showing undesirable wear and tear with a different color underneath. If it is finished with a color pigmented oil such as a European hard wax oil, this will offer you acceptable spot repairability and longevity of your desired aesthetic.

Species options offering lighter shades available at stewartfloor include the ever popular Amendoim with its unique grain patterns and tight knot structure. Other options to consider would be our Brazilian Ash/Garapa offering exceptional grain patterns. The yellow tones will soften to a light brown. Keep in mind that wood changes color when exposed to light, so it is paramount to decide based on what color the wood will end up, not the sample you are considering. Tiete Chestnut/Sucupira and Brazilian Teak/Cumaru are also great options in the medium range providing natural warmth without being too dark.