Making The Right Choice

3 Easy Steps to Selecting the Right Species of Hardwood Flooring

Wood is like no other natural product on earth. Hardwood flooring adds an undeniable warmth to any home or commercial space. Wood flooring has many advantages when compared to other flooring materials such as carpet, among them are health benefits. Unlike carpet, hardwood flooring is allergy friendly and easy to maintain.

When choosing among various hardwood species for your interior, there are several key points to keep in mind to guarantee your satisfaction:

  1. Brazilian Wood Color. Color is the first consideration given the fact that flooring is the major canvas for overall interior design. One cannot underestimate the importance of color and its impact in your overall design goals.
  2. Personal Lifestyle. Once the color range has been decided, your personal lifestyle is an important consideration. This comes into play considering the density of one species over another and wear and tear. Tropical species have a major advantage in this consideration when compared with traditional domestic species. The species offered at stewartfloor® range from 25% harder up to 3 times more dense when compared to domestic species. What does this mean to you? Although like all woods, they will still dent and scratch, tropical woods will do this to a lesser extent compared to domestic species such as Oak or Maple.
  3. Brazilian Wood Species. Species of wood are as unique as individuals. It’s important to consider your climate and how one species behaves in your climate compared to another species. Wood is hygroscopic, and this means it adapts to the environment it is in. Some species are more stable than others which means they move less in service. During the winter months with the heater on to maintain a pleasant environment, wood will shrink, and this is what creates the “gaps” you commonly see in the floor. There is nothing wrong with the floor and it is not defective, it’s simply shrinking due to the dryness in the air. In the summer months, more humidity means the wood swells again. Some woods shrink less than others and are more stable than others; if this is a critical point for you, then comparing species stability should be on your list of considerations in selecting the right species of hardwood for your new floor.

Learn More About Hardwood Floor Species

Visit our hardwood flooring species page to learn about each individual wood species we supply. We stock a wide range of ethically harvested South American hardwoods that will enhance the style and beauty of your home. And because we buy direct from the source we can pass any savings onto you.