Quarter round creates a subtle blend between wall base and hardwood flooring. It can also be installed alone to create a transition between a hardwood floor and cabinetry. Available in 8-foot length pieces.


Base shoe provides a transition between a hardwood floor and a vertical surface under cabinetry. Also serves as a substitute for quarter round when space is limited or if a more narrow profile is desired along with wall base. Available in 8-foot length pieces.

Wall base creates a border where the flooring meets the wall to give the room a formal, finished appearance. It provides a clean juncture between the hardwood floor and the wall, while covering the flooring expansion gap. Available in 8’ lengths.


T-moldings provide an attractive solution for transitioning between floor surfaces in adjoining rooms. Ideal for use in doorways and where floors of approximately the same thickness meet. Available in 6.5’ lengths.


Thresholds are ideal for glue and nail-down floor doorway applications and when transitioning between floors of different heights. Appropriate for installation with hardwood flooring, tile or carpet surfaces. Offered in two sizes for optimal floor-molding fit. Available in 6.5-foot length pieces.  Comes in 6.5’ lengths.


Stair nosings add a professional, finished look to stairways with hardwood flooring. They are designed to catch the brunt of foot traffic abuse while maintaining the overall beauty of each step.  Comes in 8’ lengths.