Patagonian Rosewood / Kurupay Hardwood Flooring

Take any room to an impressive level with Patagonian Rosewood, also known as Kurupay. This highly figured hardwood flooring exhibits distinctive black and purplish striping that contrasts with the wood’s creamy straw and red tones to create a unique look in any room. Over the life of the flooring, significant color muting will occur and the black striping will become less pronounced. Appropriate for residential homes or commercial businesses, Patagonian Rosewood will add liveliness and richness to any area.

Botanical Name: Piptadenia macrocarpa

Flooring Name: Curupay/Kurupay/Angico

General Description: Patagonian Rosewood is a highly figured wood with distinctive black striping.

Janka Hardness Chart: check Patagonian Rosewood’s hardness and durability rating.

Color Range: Patagonian Rosewood exhibits large amounts of color variation from creamy straw tones, reds and purplish black striping.

Color Change: The black striping in this wood becomes less pronounced over time due to significant color muting. The creamy straw tones and reds develop to richer reds as the background to the striping.

Where To Use: Patagonian Rosewood may be used residentially or commercially wherever a bold rosewood look is desired.


Patagonian Rosewood Flooring Pre-finished & Installed

Buying Patagonian Rosewood / Kurupay Hardwood Flooring

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