Sucupira / Brazilian Chestnut Hardwood Flooring

Botanical Name: Bowdichia nitida

Common Name: Sucupira Preta, marketed as Tiete Chestnut in North America

General Description: Heartwood is chocolate brown when freshly cut, becoming dark brown after kiln drying. Light brown narrow stripes give a fibrous aspect to the wood similar to the grain of palm.

Color Range: Sucupira / Tiete Chestnut colors range from tan to dark reddish brown with occasional black stripes.

Color Change: Sucupira / Tiete Chestnut is largely unaffected by exposure to light and is one of the more color stable species.

Janka Hardness Chart: check Brazilian Chestnut’s hardness and durability rating.

Where To Use: Sucupira / Brazilian / Tiete Chestnut may be used as residential or commercial hardwood flooring wherever a gorgeous and unique brown-toned wood is desired.


Buying Sucupira / Brazilian Chestnut / Tiete Chestnut Hardwood Flooring

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