Tiete Rosewood / Sirari Hardwood Flooring

Botanical Name: Guibourtia chodatianal

Flooring Name: Kuruguay, Sirari, Tiete Rosewood, Patagonian Cherry

Distribution: Paraguay, Bolivia

Color Range: Tiete Rosewood varies from pale salmon pinks to darker reds with occasional dark striping.

Janka Hardness Chart: check Tiete Rosewood’s hardness and durability rating.

Color Change: Tiete Rosewood will show a medium degree of color change from a pink red to a nominally deeper medium red.

Where To Use: Tiete Rosewood may be used residentially or commercially wherever a sophisticated salmon/reddish color is desired.

Site Sanding/Finishing: Water base and oil based finishes perform well. As always, TEST a sample before starting the entire floor.


Buying Tiete Rosewood / Sirari Hardwood Flooring

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