Tigerwood / Brazilian Koa Hardwood Flooring

Botanical Name: Astronium, spp

Flooring Name: Goncalo Alves

Color Range: Tigerwood, or as it is sometimes called, Brazilian Koa, exhibits a wide range of color and striping. The striping can range from fine lines to brush strokes. The background to the dark striping is an orangey brown tone.

Color Change: Tigerwood exhibits a large amount of color change with a significant darkening of the orangey brown background. It will become a deep red brown over time and this effect makes the contrasting striping less so.

Where To Use: Tigerwood is ideal for both residential and commercial applications.

Species Characteristics & Issues: Brazilian Koa has been known to cause respiratory and contact dermatitis allergic reactions. Long sleeves and a mask are recommended when exposing oneself to dust from this species. It should be noted that all wood dust has been found to have negative implications over time when breathed into the respiratory system.

Janka Hardness Chart: check Tigerwood’s hardness and durability rating.

Site Sanding/Finishing: This species contains naturally occurring alkalines in its chemical structure which can affect adhesion and staining. While some oil finishes will dry on this wood, most will not and it is not suggested oil finish be used to avoid unnecessary complications and unsatisfactory results. Neutral oil finishes can react with these alkalines and cause the product to turn red. Water based finishes are recommended.

Buying Tigerwood Hardwood Flooring

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